Crossfit - the wonder drug

For those patients who know me, I am sure that you would agree that at some point in our conversations, I have discussed Functional Fitness - Crossfit as a way of reversing disease, slowing  and reversing  the aging process, becoming stronger than you can imagine, improving memory, preventing Dementia, maintaining functional independence and improving  mobility, flexibility, stamina and energy.

Some of the Videos below will demonstrate just that.  They are about "ordinary" people, some with chronic diseases, who all have found that this type of program is LIFESAVING.   There is no way to prepare to start CROSSFIT - the only way is to just start doing it.


In this video - we discuss what is CROSSFIT and how it translates into things that we do everyday and why it is something that EVERYONE !!!!! should start.

Crossfit - I Feel Like I just Started My Life

At 270 lbs, Christine felt miserable and helpless until she found Crossfit  - listen to her hopeful and inspirational video

CYSTIC FIBROSIS: An Athlete's Story

This a story about Zack DeBaltzo who is  a 29-year-old who was born with the genetic lung disease called (CYSTIC FYBROSIS).   His condition is severe enough to require chronic oxygen therapy and he has been  referred for lung transplant. 

Since starting CrossFit, DeBaltzo has made incredible gains in his wellness his lung function which was  28 percent prior to Crossfit has improved and is 45% today,

Diabetic Dad Starts Crossfit

Diagnosed with diabetes back in 1995, Junior Smithen's (age 39) condition has progressed. His  doctors have only ever offered tablets and insulin, which did not improve his health,  Sick of traditional medicine’s poor results and unwilling to resort to surgery, He recently decided to start CrossFit.  “I’ve done it their way since I was diagnosed, and I’m no further forward, so I’m trying it a different way now,” says Smithen, Armed with the knowledge, guidance and support of coaches at Stronger Together CrossFit, Smithen is now on a path toward weight loss and improved health.   He continues: “I think there’s a place for people with diabetes in CrossFit because I realize how much it helps you control and modify your insulin requirements if you regularly exercise.”

A NEW LIFE - Crossfit Longevity

In this video - Mike Suhadolnik started  a program he dubbed Doctors Get Fit, and it turned into CrossFit Instinct’s Longevity class. The Longevity program includes about 25 people split between the 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. classes that occur almost daily.  It shows that Crossfit is not just for the young and the fit - It is for everyone and it doesn't matter where your star

“Hey, don’t wait until you have that heart attack and then start working out,“ Suhadolnik said. ”Do it right now. Start right now.

CROSSFIT LONGEVITY - Cheaper than Insulin

In this video series, Mike Suhadolnik, discusses more about his Crossfit Longevity program which keeps you stronger, more mobile, healthier and m most importantly,   it keeps you independent and out of the nursing homes and hospitals.

No Rep to the Widow Maker

In this video - The Crossfit Journal shares the story of Jim Rowe.  A 70 year old man who started Crossfit (functional fitness) - at  around age 67. Since starting his journey -  he’s lost 75 lb., gained energy and made new friends.  When Jim was diagnosed with a large blockage that could lead to a “widowmaker” heart attack, his doctors said he was likely alive because of CrossFit training and improved nutrition. Today, Jim’s been given a clean bill of health, and his cardiologist told him to return to the gym. 

CROSSFIT- A Surgeons Perspective

In this video, Dr Kerker discusses how he injured himself when he tried to move a patient.  Dr Kerker needed a lumbar fusion to be able to work again.  

He is in better condition after having participated in a program of CROSSFIT  even  after having had back surgery.  He promotes that Crossfit doesn't cause injury - uneducated people who exercise causes injury.

CROSSFIT FOR BEGINNERS - avoid these mistakes







How to Perform theThruster

This is a great video on points of performance for how to do a Thruster

Thrusters Efficiency

In this video, Ben from WODPREP discusses how to improve thrusters using better breathing techniques

Thrusters Mistakes

In this Video - Ben from WODPREP discusses how to perform Thrusters and avoid common mistakes